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Thousands of people die every day around the world from infections acquired while receiving health care. Hands are the main pathways of germ transmission during health care. Hand hygiene is therefore the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent health care-associated infections.

NHS Somerset has adopted the World Health Organization's Five Moments for Hand Hygiene as it not only defines the key moments for hand hygiene, it also presents a unified vision and promotes a strong sense of ownership. The Five Moments align with the evidence base concerning the spread of HCAI and is interwoven with the natural workflow of care, designed to be easy to learn, logical and applicable in a wide range of settings. Find out more about your Five Moments by clicking the links below:

Hand Hygiene – why, how and when? 

The Five Moments

How to Handwash/Handrub

Hand Hygiene in Outpatient and Home-based Care and Long-term Care Facilities

Hand Hygiene Tips for Patients

Hand Hygiene video

Hand Hygiene


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