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Early diagnosis of oesophageal or stomach cancer (also known as oesophago-gastric cancers) is crucial and means treatment is more likely to be successful. Around 67% of people diagnosed with oesophago-gastric cancers at the earliest stage survive for at least 5 years. This figure drops to around 3% for those diagnosed at a late stage.

Latest figures released by Public Health England reveal that around 12,900 people in England are diagnosed with oesophago-gastric cancers each year, with approximately 10,200 people dying from these diseases annually. This equates to 28 people dying from either oesophageal or stomach cancer every day.

It has been estimated that around 950 lives could be saved in England each year if our survival rates for oesophago-gastric cancers matched the best in Europe.

Oesophageal and stomach cancer symptoms

Heartburn most days for three weeks or more could be a sign of oesophageal or stomach cancer. Other symptoms of oesophageal or stomach cancer may include:

  • food feels like it’s sticking in your throat when you swallow
  • indigestion on and off for three weeks or more
  • losing weight for no obvious reason
  • trapped wind and frequent burping
  • feeling full very quickly when eating
  • feeling bloated after eating
  • nausea or vomiting
  • pain or discomfort in your upper tummy area
Further information

Be Clear on Cancer oesophago-gastric information leaflet

For further information about the signs and symptoms of oesophageal and stomach cancers please visit

For a campaign overview and links to more campaign materials please visit Cancer Research UK


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