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What Are Our Priorities and How We Are Doing

The Somerset CCG’s values, principles, priorities and themes

The Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group has been working collaboratively to develop its strategic plan for the next five years. The CCG has worked with partner agencies and its patient forums to share the key messages and get feedback on the priorities.

Find the full documents at Somerset CCG 5 Year Strategy and 2 Year Commissioning Plan

Our values

  • Collaborative approach

  • People, patient and carer centred

  • Ensuring best value

  • Open and transparent processes

  • Supporting innovation

Our principles

  • Drive a system approach to health, wellbeing and care that is about people and not organisations

  • Support people to be the best they can be through equitable and person centre services

  • Create a system that ensures the right care is available at the right time for the patient

  • Continue to listen to what people want and respond to need

  • Commission co-ordinated and person centred care which will be delivered through new partnerships

  • Commission high quality care that is clinically and cost effective and based on evidence

  • Commission for a sustainable future

Our vision

People in Somerset will be encouraged to stay healthy and well through a focus on:

  • Building support for people in our local communities and neighbourhoods

  • Supporting healthy lifestyle choices to be the easier choices

  • Supporting people to self-care and be actively engaged in managing their condition

  • When people need to access care or support this will be through joined up health, social care and wellbeing services. The result will be a healthier population with access to high quality care that is affordable and sustainable.


The NHS Constitution

The constitution sets out rights for patients, public and staff. It outlines NHS commitments to patients and staff, and the responsibilitiesthat the public, patients and staff owe to one another to ensure that the NHS operates fairly and effectively.

Download the NHS Constitution for England here: The NHS Constitution for England

To download easy read, large print and audio versions of the NHS Constitution, visit 


Our themes 

The following four themes support our vision and are underpinned by our financial framework.

Encouraging communities and individuals to take more control of and responsibility for their own health and wellbeing 

'That people of all ages in Somerset understand the need and feel able to take responsibility for their own and their community’s health and wellbeing'

Prioritising joined up person centred care 

People in Somerset experience care in a way that is meaningful to them, and in a way that puts their needs at the very heart of those around them who are supporting them’

Transform the effectiveness and efficiency of urgent and acute care across all services 

'When people need to access urgent and emergency care they should be seen by the right health or social care professional, in the right setting and at the right time, quality and cost'

Sustain and continually improve the quality of all services

'People in Somerset will be healthier with access to high quality care that is affordable and sustainable; they will receive the very best care that is delivered by staff with the right clinical skills and the time to provide care with compassion every day. All NHS staff have pride in what they do and are respected by patients and the public’

The Somerset CCG’s Annual Report and Financial Accounts for 2013/14




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