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Independent review into the care and treatment of ‘Mr S’

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An extraordinary meeting of Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) Governance Committee was held today (29-9-14) to receive the independent report into care of Mr Anthony Andrews (referred in the review as ‘Mr S’).

Family members of Mr Mike Bithrey (referred in the review as ‘Mr C’), the victim in this case, attended the meeting and described to committee members the impact the killing had had upon their lives.

Dr Matthew Dolman, Somerset CCG Chairman and Chair of the Governance Committee, expressed his condolences to the family for their loss. He went onto explain that the purpose of the meeting was to seek assurance that lessons had been learnt from this tragedy by the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and partner agencies.

Commenting upon the report and the lessons learnt, Mrs Lucy Watson, Director of Quality, Patient Safety and Governance with Somerset CCG, said: “CCG Committee members were reassured that Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust was implementing the recommendations from its internal investigation and the independent review.

“Committee members questioned executives and clinicians from Somerset Partnership Trust at length, including a key observation from the review (Recommendation F18) that – “if Mr C had been informed about Mr S’s previous conviction and his lack of remorse about stabbing his wife, this incident may have been prevented”.

“Committee members accepted that it can be challenging for health professionals to come to an accurate judgement regarding the potential risk of an individual harming themselves or others. However, the timely sharing of information regarding a potential threat to a person was the central lesson to be learnt from this review.

“Mr Bithrey’s family also told those present at the meeting how information about Mr Andrews risk to their relative should have been properly shared with Mr Bithrey.

“In conclusion the committee and I have asked Somerset Partnership Trust to consider how they ensure that their staff might now access safeguarding advice and guidance from specialist services in order to assist in formulating an assessment of risk to individuals. Somerset CCG will be seeking assurance from the Partnership Trust that recommendations set out in the report have been implemented in full and the necessary changes to practice made.”

Note for Editors

Mr Anthony Andrews, an 83-year-old man under the care of Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (the trust), stabbed and killed his landlord Mike Bithrey on 21 June 2012.

Prior to the stabbing incident Mr Andrew’s GP referred Mr Andrews to the older person’s community mental health team (CMHT) in Bridgwater in January 2011.

He received care and treatment from the CMHT and was discharged in February 2011. His GP referred him to the CMHT again in April 2011. Mr Andrews remained in receipt of services from the CMHT until the time of the incident.

On 21 June 2012 Mr Andrews fatally stabbed Mr Bithrey in the neck during an altercation in a car park outside his flat. This altercation stemmed from a complaint by Mr Andrews of rising damp, or persistent or recurring condensation in his flat. The report concluded that there was no evidence of damp.

Mr Andrews was arrested on suspicion of murder.

A court case took place but Mr Andrews was not well enough to attend. The Judge ordered Mr Andrews to be detained without limit of time at a secure psychiatric hospital. Mr Andrews has since died.


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