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While engagement groups and committees are designed to incorporate the input of patients into our decision-making process, such representation of course only accounts for a fraction of patient involvement with the health services in the county. To design services effectively it is essential that we weigh lived experience appropriately – including individual interactions with physical and mental health services and across all age groups.  

Combining the worked experience of doctors, nurses and other frontline health professionals with that of service users helps us build a more accurate picture of health services needed in the county – as well as providing us with the information to address the needs and concerns of users and practitioners in the most efficient way.

Patient and public participation feedback is central to our work, and forms a key part of the evidence base required when we are thinking about planning or making changes to services. 

When we are planning changes or considering developments to our services we will listen to the views of patients and the public. There will be different ways for you to get involved such as: consultations, focus groups, questionnaires and social media. Our engagement wheel helps us consider the range of methods to involve people.

We will provide feedback via You Said We Did reports which will be made available on our website and which will be taken into account as commissioners proceed with planning and commissioning services. 

All change will be clinically-led and underpinned by a clear evidence base which includes involvement and engagement feedback as well as clinical evidence, national and local policy, the views of the local community and health and social care partners.

A  current major plan for commissioning health services in Somerset is 'Fit for my future'.  Click here to find out more on our Healthy Communities page.

Shaping services - plan & consult


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