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To ensure we have patient voices in our decision-making, we encourage members of the public to become active in our engagement groups and committees. This way, service user perspectives are better represented and we can more readily incorporate your contributions and address your concerns in a cooperative way. 

The links on the right detail the work and functions of various engagement groups and committees that support commissioning locally, and gives information on how members of the public can become involved. Our Governing Body meetings are open for the public to attend.  Click on the link on the right to find out more.

Our engagement pyramid shows how feedback given by patients and the public feeds into our Governing Body. For example patient feedback from GP practices gets fed into local Patient Participation Groups (PPGs).  The PPG chairs meet with us quarterly and tell us about patient concerns and views. We respond and decisions are fed back to patients. The Somerset Engagement and Advisory Group (SEAG), includes members of the public and local organisations from Somerset localities. Members of SEAG also sit on the Governing Body.  Lay users are patients and/or members of the public and some are representatives on the Governing Body. 

Our engagement pyramid shows how patient voices and these groups interconnect to influence the Governing Body. This ensures that decision makers of the CCG hear from the patients and the public about the services that we commission. 

enagagement pyramid

Jargon Directory

The NHS uses lots of jargon and new acronyms come into use all the time.  From engagement activities our lay users, patients and the public tell us it is sometimes difficult to understand what is being discussed.  In meetings staff sometimes slip into using jargon without realising, which makes it difficult for lay users or members of the public to speak up and ask what the jargon means.  Click here to download a copy of our Jargon Directory

We encourage our staff not to use jargon but we have produced this Jargon Directory to help and support our lay users to understand these terms if they come across them in meetings or during their healthcare journey.

Paper copies of the Jargon Directory are made available to all our lay users.  If you come across new jargon which is not in the directory – please let us know as we would be happy to include new terms to keep it up to date.

If you find new jargon or would like a paper copy of the directory, please contact the Engagement Team on 01935 385020 or email


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