Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group

commitment on tobacco control

NHS Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group has signed up to the NHS statement on tobacco control to highlight our commitment to tackle the harm smoking causes in the Somerset community.

The NHS Statement of Support is a commitment from the health community to fulfil their responsibilities to smokers and support the work of their colleagues in local government. It asks them to take action to reduce smoking prevalence and publicises the NHS’s dedication to protect local communities from the harm caused by smoking.

By signing up to the statement, we are committed to:

  • Continue to actively support work at a local level to reduce smoking prevalence and health inequalities and to raise the profile of the harm caused by smoking to our communities;
  • Publicly declare our commitment to reducing smoking in our communities by joining the Smokefree Action Coalition, the alliance of organisations working to reducing the harm caused by tobacco; Work with our partners and local communities to address the causes and impacts of tobacco use, according to NICE guidance on smoking and tobacco control;
  • Play our role in tackling smoking through appropriate interventions such as ‘Make Every Contact Count’;
  • Protect our work from the commercial and vested interests of the tobacco industry by not accepting any partnerships, payments, gifts and services, monetary or in kind or research funding offered by the tobacco industry to officials or employees;
  • Support the government in taking action at national level to help local authorities reduce smoking prevalence and health inequalities in our communities; and
  • Participate in local and regional networks for support.


For more information about the NHS Statement of Support for Tobacco Control, visit the Smokefree Action website:

NHS Statement on Tobacco Control


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