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Somerset Integrated Digital electronic Record (sider)

What is SIDeR?

This stands for the Somerset Integrated Digital electronic Record.

What does that mean?

All of the Somerset hospitals, GP practices and the County Council are committed to delivering the best standard of care.

As part of this commitment, they acknowledge that being able to see all of your care information is important (such as following a recent appointment with your doctor, a recent operation you have had in hospital, your recent visit to A&E, your ongoing medication, your allergies, your treatment and care plans, and so on).

In order to achieve this, SIDeR aims to link up all of the main clinical IT systems used in Somerset as part of your care.

When will it happen?

The work has already started but is in the early stages.

What’s first?

In late 2016, we will provide Somerset hospitals with access to your GP practice record.

This will begin in Accident & Emergency and Minor Injury Departments. If successful, this could be extended to other Somerset hospital departments. 

Please note, you will be asked for your permission first, before anyone delivering your care can read your GP practice record.

What’s next?

The rest of the plan, the systems to link up and the dates to achieve, these have yet to be confirmed, but it is likely that this work will continue for the next few years. We aim to complete this work in line with the government digital roadmap target of 2020.

I have a question, who do I ask?

In the first instance, please email or phone him on 01935 381930.

Find out more about our digital projects

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